We work with organizations to get them off on the right course. Our services in this area help clients to:

Develop practical strategies that directly support their organization’s vision and objectives.

        - Align their organization with their strategic agenda

        - Develop strategic plans that are executable within the organization’s constraints

        - Innovate with new ways to do business

We provide strategic advice based on rigorous market research tailored to the specific needs of each client. We are experts in understanding industry structure and dynamics and in boiling it down to the insights that are most relevant to our clients’ situations.

LANDMARK's approach to strategy integrates strategic insight with world-class skills in achieving lasting change in the way organizations function. Our methodology for Strategy consultation helps organizations guide their initiatives to achieve their strategic objectives; through :

Coordination with the Higher Management:

        - Together with the higher management & the board of directors identify company mission / vision and setting objectives of the


        - Setting with the higher management the long term plans (LTP) on both the quantitative & qualitative levels.

        - Reviewing with the higher management the P&L statement periodically to assure maximization of the profit margin for each line.

Coordination with the Marketing Department:

        - Analyzing the Product Mix of the company & measure the potential of each brand in the portfolio matrix & recommending

            alternatives - regarding decisions of investing ,divesting ,harvesting ,licensing & co-marketing.

        - Work on the maximization of existing market opportunities (Existing portfolio) & create new opportunities (Healthy portfolio) which

            will be matched with the company objectives in the short & long terms as well.

        - Actively participates in formulation of strategic marketing and business plans.

        - Work with product managers to ensure appropriate product portfolio and positioning for each sub-segment for the new products'


        - Work with the marketing department to identify new market opportunities & how to maximize benefit gains of these opportunities.

        - Analyze the integrating marketing communication (IMC) practices and develop tools to improve & support our current & new


        - Align all Marketing Tools & Activities for all product lines to ensure preserved quality & corporate identity which is consistent with

            the company mission, vision & objectives.

        - Reviewing the A&P Budget to ensure optimum spending patterns for gaining maximum ROI.

        - Initiate marketing research (Qualitative & Quantitative) with the marketing personnel to ensure accurate & evidence based


Coordination with the Sales Department:

-    With the senior managers, they are responsible for the planning, tracking and management of sales & marketing activities &


-    Work with Sales managers to Develop sales goals and strategies for the company, including analysis of current and future sales


-    Leverage innovative solution-based sales opportunities with predictable and tangible outcomes.

-    Assist Sales managers with execution of these plans.

-    Work with Sales managers Develop and implement sales campaigns to take advantage of market opportunities.

-    Assist in formulation of different schemes of sales promotions (Sales Bonuses)

Coordination with the HR & Training Department:

        - Coordinate with the Training department to develop and maintain staff and organizational development programs that provide                 

            adequate levels of training, succession planning, skill enhancement, and overall department efficiency and capability.

        - Assist in Recruitment, developing , Motivating & appraising the field force to maximize their performance & to achieve their goals .

Coordination with the Distribution Department:

        - Work with the senior management to develop & negotiate deal terms with the main distributors

        - Drive sales through channels by identifying, developing and supporting partners; monitoring results; increasing sales; maximizing


        - Searching with higher management for new opportunities & techniques to develop the distribution of Mash Premiere to gradually             

            compensate & replace sales by other outsourced Distributors (Decrease cost of distribution ,maximize benefits of company

            resources & increase profit margin)

Coordination with the Exporting Department:

        - Assisting in providing regional marketing insight regarding our product mix & searching for new markets' opportunities.

        - Contributing in representing the company to outside parties.

To be effective, however, trategic management need not always be a formal process. It can begin with a few simple questions.

1- Where is the Organization now?

2- If no changes are made, where the Organization will be in one year? Two years? Five years? Ten Years? Are the answers acceptable?

3- If the answers are not acceptable, what specific actions should management undertake? What are the risks and payoffs involved?

LANDMARK's methodology:

1. Environmental Scanning

Are the monitoring, evaluating, and disseminating of information from the external and internal environment to key people within the corporation?

For a company to gain or maintain a sustainable competitive advantage, it must be ever vigilant, watching for changes in the business environment. It must also be agile enough to alter its strategies and plans when the need arises.

LANDMARK's Environmental Scanning Methods Ad-hoc scanning - Short term, infrequent examinations usually initiated by a crisis Regular scanning - Studies done on a regular schedule (say, once a year)Continuous scanning - (also called continuous learning) - continuous structured data collection and processing on a broad range of environmental factors .

2- Strategy Formulation

Is the development of long range plans for the effective management of environmental opportunities and threats, in light of corporate strength and weakness? It includes defining the corporate Mission, specifying achievable Objectives, developing Strategies and setting Policy guidelines .

LANDMARK's methodology usually considers the three types of strategies :

        1- Corporate Strategy: Describes a company’s overall direction in terms of its general attitude towards growth and the

            management of its various business and product lines . 

        2- Business Strategy: Usually occurs at the business unit or product level, and it emphasizes improvement of the competitive

            position of a corporation’s products or services in the specific industry or market segment served by that business unit . 

        3- Functional Strategy: Is the approach taken by a functional area to achieve corporate and business unit objectives and strategies

            by maximizing resource productivity .

3. Strategic Audit :

Using the Strategic Audit to Evaluate Corporate Performance

The strategic audit provides a checklist of questions, by area or issue that enables systematic analysis of various corporate functions and activities to be made. It is a type management audit and is extremely useful as a diagnostic tool to pinpoint corporate wide problem areas and to highlight organizational strengths and weaknesses .

LANDMARK' s Roles:

1- Evaluate current performance results

2- Review corporate governance

3- Scan and assess the external environment

4- Scan and assess the internal environment

5- Analyze the strategic factors using SWOT

6- Generate and evaluate strategic alternatives

7- Implement strategies

8- Evaluate and control 

Approximately 80 percent of top US executives consider strategic alliances to be the prime vehicle for future growth, and they expect alliances to account for 25 percent of their companies market value within five years .

According to Paul Lawrence, Harvard Business School, "Strategic alliances may be the most powerful trend that has swept American and European business in a century"

For larger and more well-established companies, business development often refers to creating and managing strategic relationships and alliances with other, third party companies. 

In these instances the companies will leverage one another’s' expertise, technologies or other intellectual property to expand their products, services, functionality and/or market reach without having to invest in building or acquiring these with internal resources.

LANDMARK through its extended circuit of communications with enormous numbers of companies & through its professional knowledge about their superior technical & service advantages can work as a facilitator and coordinator for most effective alliances.

Strategic Marketing Alliances

A Strategic Marketing Alliance is a new marketing concept, defined as: 

"A structured co-operation between a group of companies with complementary service and products portfolios, a joint customer segment focus, mutually agreed on market development goals towards this customer segment, and a commitment to exploit related synergies"

With LANDMARK as the facilitator and coordinator, the partners in the Strategic Marketing Alliances work together for knowledge sharing and joint market activities.

The value for our clients in joining a Strategic Marketing Alliance is successful achievement of objectives such as:

- Increase revenue 

- Reduce costs 

- Grow existing markets 

- Enter new markets 

- Expand solution and service offerings 

- Create competitive advantage 

- Build partner to partner relationships